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UK nationals living in Spain post Brexit: Visa rules and the Spanish Golden Visa


Post Brexit, UK passport holders looking to purchase a home in Spain for the first time are now required to obtain a residency permit if they plan to stay for more than 90 days within any 180-day period. Despite this new requirement, the application process for a residency permit is usually straightforward, providing a relatively easy path for those wishing to make Spain their new home. As online mortgage advisors, we can help with free advice on your mortgage options too.

Using an online mortgage advisor to help with questions around property purchase is advised as a first step, so property buyers in Spain know where they stand before starting their house hunting.

One notable aspect of the post-Brexit regulations is the absence of restrictions on buying property solely for use as a family holiday home. UK nationals can enjoy their Spanish property for up to 3 months within the new 180-day limits without encountering any impediments.

For those seeking a more comprehensive and long-term solution, the Spanish Golden Visa program has gained popularity among UK citizens. This visa is granted as part of a property investment totalling at least 500,000 euros before any mortgage is applied, i.e. the first 500,000 must be funded from savings. The investment can be distributed across multiple property purchases, allowing flexibility. Spanish property investors can, for example, acquire one property for 200,000 euros and another for 300,000 euros. Mortgages can be added on top of any cash investment and as online mortgage advisors, we can help guide you through this process. Additionally, the Golden Visa can be applied retrospectively, with the value of previously owned properties taken into account towards the minimum investment requirement.

Once the Golden Visa is granted, property owners are afforded substantial flexibility. There are no restrictions on how the property is used, making it possible to generate income by renting it out or utilising it as a second or main residence. Furthermore, Golden Visa holders, with or without family, have the freedom to live and work in Spain. Family members typically enjoy good access to Spanish public services, including education. However, it is worth noting that private health insurance is usually required.

This comprehensive set of regulations provides UK nationals with various options and flexibility when considering Spain as their new place of residence. Whether opting for a residency permit for shorter stays or investing in the Spanish Golden Visa for long-term plans, individuals can navigate these post Brexit requirements with relative ease. The allure of the Spanish lifestyle, combined with these accommodating regulations, positions Spain as an attractive destination for UK citizens seeking a new home or a holiday retreat.

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