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UK Mortgages for US Residents

How to buy a house in the UK, if you live and work in the USA

  • Do I qualify for a UK mortgage if I now live in the USA?
  • Can I get a UK mortgage if I do not have a UK passport?
  • My existing UK home mortgage has reached the end of its fixed or discounted term. My lender won’t renew it, as I live in the USA
  • When I moved abroad to the USA, my lender gave me a permission to let my house out. This has now expired, so I need a new mortgage that allows me to live overseas and rent my home in the UK
  • I want to start a buy to let portfolio for pension or other savings goals. Can I use the equity in my UK house as a deposit?
  • I need to raise funds to refurbish my existing UK home, for example to put in a new kitchen or a loft room. My current lender will not allow me to release capital because I am now working abroad
  • Can I raise money against my UK home to buy a house in the USA?

US Resident? Get a mortgage in the UK, today.

American residents are often owners of UK property, having bought a house in the UK before they moved to the USA.

Equally, if you have been living and working in the USA, you might now want to buy a house in the UK to rent out or use when you eventually return, even though you might not yet know when that will be.

In both cases, you will need an expat mortgage. Here at Offshoreonline, we specialise in finding UK mortgages for US residents. We have an extensive panel of lenders, all of whom offer genuine expat mortgages to US residents.

With over 25 years of experience helping US residents find the right expat mortgages to buy a house in the UK, we are confident we can find the right expat mortgage, whether you are buying, remortgaging to release funds or because your existing UK mortgage has reached the end of its term and your current lender does not offer an expat remortgage service.

Do I qualify for expat mortgages in the UK, living in the USA?

If you live and work in the USA, even if you do not have a UK passport, we are an online mortgage broker who can find you a UK mortgage.  All the banks on our panel can offer you an expat or international mortgage. This includes salaried and in many cases self-employed workers, particularly long term contractors.

As a US resident buying a house or apartment in the UK  you will have a wide choice of expat or international UK mortgages , including fixed rates, discounted variable rate loans and variable rate base rate tracker expat mortgages.

We can also advise on early repayment penalties and how to avoid these, in case you intend coming back to the UK and need to change an expat buy to let loan into a main home mortgage for your family when you move back.

What income do I need to qualify for an expat mortgage?

Ideally, banks like you to be salaried, but increasingly, lenders are now open to self-employed applicants, providing you can prove income, usually with a US tax return over the last three years.

How big is the deposit for an expat mortgage in the UK?

This varies by lender, but the majority of expat mortgage banks will ask for at least a 25% deposit from a US resident. With some lenders, the mortgage interest rate reduces if you borrow more, with others, the rate is lower if you have a bigger deposit for your UK expat loan.

Is there a minimum salary or loan amount for an expat living in the USA for buy to let mortgage in the UK?

Again this varies by lender. If you are earning at least £35,000 equivalent, you will have a lot of choice. Some lenders will finance an expat mortgage purely on the basis of the forecast rental income. We can guide you through the choices available and explain the minimum projected rental income a lender will accept for a given loan amount on a typical expat buy to let mortgage.

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