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UK Mortgages for Middle Eastern Residents

Buying or remortgaging a UK buy to let property, if you live and work in the Middle East

If you live in any of the popular UK expat Middle East destinations and want to invest in an expat mortgage to purchase buy to let property in the UK, we can help. Or, you might already own a house in the UK which is rented and now need a UK mortgage that reflects your status as a Middle East expat. Either way, with 25 years of experience helping expats around the world purchase and remortgage buy to lets in the UK, we can help.

How do I qualify for an expat mortgage in the UK from abroad?

If you are resident in the Middle East, whether the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar or Oman, there are a lot of UK banks and building societies who will offer you a choice of UK mortgages for expats.

What income do I need to qualify for an expat mortgage?

Ideally, banks like you to be salaried, but increasingly, lenders are becoming open to self-employed applicants, providing they can prove income. Usually, if you are self-employed you would show income via a tax return, but in many parts of the Middle East, you are not obliged to submit these. Another way to prove income for an expat mortgage in the UK is through an audit of your business locally, ideally carried out by one of the better known international accounting groups. In many cases, if, for example, your business is incorporated in a Free Trade Zone, you will need to do this as part of your local licensing agreements anyway.

How much deposit do I need for an expat UK buy to let mortgage in the UK?

This varies by lender, but the majority of expat mortgage banks will ask for at least a 25% deposit. One or two expat lenders ask for 20%, but if you have more, this opens up the way to lower expat mortgage rates.

Is there a minimum salary for an expat buy to let mortgage in the UK?

Again this varies by lender. If you are earning at least £35,000 equivalent, you will have a lot of choice. Some lenders will accept £25,000 equivalent, others ask for £50,000. The better your overall profile, the lower the expat mortgage interest rate is likely to be.

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