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Online Conveyancing Services for Expatriate House buyers

We recognise that buying a house is not just about finding the right property and mortgage. Here at Offshoreonline, we offer online conveyancing services to our clients to provide quotes for sale, remortgage or purchase of a property in the UK.

Offshoreonline has partnered with the National Homebuyer Conveyancing panel to provide competitive comparable conveyancing quotes for your sale, purchase or remortgage via our broker conveyancing engine. You can view and compare quotes by price, location and by mortgage lender. No personal details are required. When you are ready to proceed, please save your quote and book a call from your chosen conveyancer to discuss your quote. Each quote fully details your conveyancing fees and disbursements costs.

Conveyancing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If however you’d like to call to discuss your requirements and conveyancing services available to you, you can do so by ringing: 0208 333 9125.

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