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UK Mortgages for Expats

UK buy to let mortgages for expats and international buyers

Can I get a UK mortgage if I live abroad as an expat?
Yes, you can get a UK mortgage, even if you live abroad. There might be any number of reasons why you want a UK mortgage while you are living and working abroad, including:
  • You want to rent your home in the UK, but it currently has your main residential mortgage on it and you are not being given permission to rent it by your existing UK lender
  • Your existing UK home mortgage has reached the end of its fixed or discounted term and you now need to replace it, because you are living overseas
  • When you moved abroad and became an expat, your secured a “permission to let” from your lender. This has now expired, so you need a new mortgage that allows you to live overseas and rent your home in the UK
  • You have been overseas for some time working as an expat. You now wish to develop a UK buy to let portfolio for pension or other savings goals
  • You need to raise funds to refurbish your existing UK home, for example to put in a new kitchen or a loft room. Your current lender will not allow you to release capital from your home because you are now working abroad
  • You have decided to settle for a while where you are living overseas and want to buy a house to save on local rental costs. You have equity in your UK property and want to use this to buy a family house where you are now living overseas

Our Range of UK Expat Mortgages

We offer a range of UK mortgages for expats from both large and small specialist lenders in the UK. All the lenders on our panel have proven experience of offering UK expat mortgages, so once you start your application, you will stand the best possible chance of receiving a UK mortgage offer.

Our “no offer, no fee” policy means you have nothing to lose by contacting us to find out whether you might qualify for a UK mortgage whilst living abroad too.

Non UK residents of all nationalities can choose from a range of UK expat mortgages offering features including:

  • Fixed interest rates over 2, 3 and 5 years, discounted rates, base rate trackers, capped and variable mortgages
  • UK  mortgages for expats are available for up to 75% of the value of the property
  • Interest only or capital and interest repayment options
  • Buy to let
  • A simple and fast application process
  • No compulsory insurance
  • Loans repayable over any period you choose up to 30 years
  • Remortgaging service available
  • Low lender arrangement fees – these can be as a percentage of the loan or on a fixed fee basis
  • Many lenders will allow their administration fees to be added to the loan

For more information regarding our UK Mortgages for expats, please contact us today.


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