Spanish Mortgages

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We can now offer a range of Spanish euro mortgages for buyers across all of mainland Spain and also euro mortgages for the Balearic Islands.

Your Spanish euro mortgage is arranged via a local bank, so we can help you set up essential extras, such as a euro current account to make your mortgage repayments from, pay local bills etc.

Mortgages in Spain are underwritten according to affordability rules. This means we will need to check details of your income, which can be from salary, self-employment (if supported by tax returns or an accountant’s audit) or from pension income.

As specialist Spanish mortgage brokers, we have access to mortgages which are not available on the high street or via local estate agents.

Mortgages can be for terms of up to 30 years, provided the loan is repaid before your 75th birthday and we are able to be more flexible in determining whether you pass the bank’s affordability threshold.

We have additional flexibility in terms of how bonuses are counted and for the self-employed, we can work on an average of your last three years of income, to smooth out peaks and troughs.

All of this adds up to our Spanish euro mortgages often being more generous than those available directly or via unregulated local agents. Enquire now using our Spanish mortgage form to see what quotes are available to you.

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