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Getting a mortgage whilst living abroad or getting a mortgage after you have moved abroad.

If you are thinking of emigrating from the UK, how do you then get a UK mortgage whilst living abroad? If you have left the UK, getting a mortgage after you have moved abroad can appear complex. Getting a mortgage while abroad is a specialist area of lending, so only specialist expat mortgage brokers are likely to be able to help.

Don’t get trapped into paying an opening fee, only to be told later a broker or bank cannot help you.

Our service only covers lenders with an established track record for expat mortgages, so you can be confident it will lead to a genuine offer. On top of this, thanks to our “no offer, no fee” policy, you have nothing to lose by contacting us.

So the answer to the question, “can I get a mortgage if I live abroad” is definitely “yes” for most people, provided you are talking to the right lenders.

Before you start any application, even for an agreement in principle, please consider the initial criteria all lenders will insist upon. You should ideally be working and salaried, but the self-employed are welcomed by many lenders now, if you can produce three years of accounts or self-assessment tax returns. You will need a deposit of at least  25% of the purchase price, or if remortgaging, budget on a maximum loan to value of 75% of the property. If you have a poor UK credit history, this can also act against you. There may be ways around this, it is always best to let us know in advance. For more information getting a mortgage whilst living abroad, please contact our experts.

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