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Great time for US dollar earners and US residents to invest in European real estate

The current market conditions present a golden opportunity for US dollar earners and US residents to consider purchasing properties in Europe, thinks online mortgage broker Offshoreonline. With the US dollar now 10% stronger against the Euro compared to two years ago, prospective buyers can enjoy an effective 10% reduction in property prices. Furthermore, as Europe approaches the peak of its interest rate cycle, real estate prices have remained stable, emphasizing the quality of this asset class for investors.

The strength of the US dollar against the Euro and other European currencies has significantly improved the purchasing power of US residents and those who earn in US dollars. This favourable exchange rate trend offers an immediate advantage to individuals looking to invest in European real estate.

Real estate in France and in Spain has traditionally been popular with US based buyers who usually prefer to use an English speaking regulated French mortgage broker or one who can supply information on Spanish mortgages for non residents.

Guy Stephenson, a spokesperson for the specialised online international mortgage brokerage Offshoreonline, underscores the current opportunity, stating, “It is a great time to buy property in Europe, especially if you earn in US dollars or a currency pegged to the US dollar, such as many in the Far East and Middle East. The exchange rate advantage coupled with stable property prices makes European real estate an attractive investment option today.”

Additionally, attractive mortgage rates are available in various European countries for foreign investors:

  • France offers Euro mortgages at a competitive rate of 4.54%.
  • Spain provides Euro mortgages at an appealing rate of 5.04%.
  • Portugal presents Euro mortgages with an enticing rate of 4.90%.

These competitive mortgage rates further enhance the appeal of investing in European real estate, as they offer financing options tailored to the needs of US dollar earners and residents.

Investors are encouraged to act promptly to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity, as exchange rates and interest rate cycles can fluctuate. European real estate offers both the potential for long-term capital appreciation and the diversification of assets across international markets.

Offshoreonline is a specialist online international mortgage brokerage that provides expert guidance and solutions to individuals seeking to invest in international real estate markets. With a dedicated team of financial experts, Offshoreonline assists clients in securing mortgages and navigating the complexities of cross-border property investments.

September 2023

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