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French euro mortgage rates fall again

French mortgage rates continue to edge lower

House buyers in the UK look enviously across the channel when it comes to mortgages – the French market has always had a far wider variety of mortgage products with short and long term fixed rates capped rates, partially capped, and a whole plethora of variable rate options based on a range of different reference rates.

Now, French mortgage broking specialists are reporting that with Euribor rates touching some of their lowest ever levels, mortgages are available from 2.90% for those with a 40% deposits. For those seeking larger loans of over €100,000, rates can be even lower – 2.40%, with 10 year fixed rate loans available from 2.80%.

And for the European nationals living abroad who wants to buy in France, loans of up to 85% are available, which compares very favourably with other major markets such as the UK where larger deposits have always been the norm.

The pound has fallen back from the highs it touched against the Euro during 2012 and in particular at the end of last summer, when rates of €1.26 and more were seen, to now trade at around €1.18, which is still higher than it was for much of 2011, so for UK buyers any weakness in the pound has been partially offset by a more favourable mortgage rate environment.

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