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Falling UK expat mortgage rates and record numbers of sellers boost housing market

Expats are currently presented with attractive borrowing opportunities in the UK, in the first quarter of 2024

Expat mortgage rates have experienced a notable decline over the last three months, sparking renewed optimism among prospective buyers, according to online expat mortgage brokers Offshoreonline. With expectations of a UK base rate cut later in the year influencing sentiment, expats are now presented with attractive borrowing opportunities, with the best expat mortgages now hovering at just above 5%.

The prevailing trend indicates that 5 year deals continue to offer the most advantageous terms for expatriates seeking mortgages. However, 2 and 3 year fixed deals have recently emerged as competitive alternatives, presenting good news for both buyers and those considering remortgaging.

According to data from Rightmove, January 2024 witnessed a record-breaking surge in property listings, with figures soaring by 23% compared to the previous January record. This surge is attributed to a combination of expectations surrounding lower mortgage rates later in the year and heightened seller confidence. The influx of listings not only expands choice for buyers,  but it also underscores a growing optimism within the housing market.

The confluence of increased inventory and declining mortgage rates represents a favourable scenario for UK expat property investors, overseas investors, and international buyers eyeing investments in UK buy to let property. The current market dynamics create a sweet spot, offering both more choice and lower funding costs, creating a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking to enter or expand their presence in the UK property market.

As mortgage rates continue to trend downward, the affordability and accessibility of property ownership for expatriates are both significantly enhanced, driving further interest and activity within the market. The sustained decline in expat mortgage rates coupled with the record levels of listings in January reflect a promising outlook for expats eyeing the 2024 UK housing market. Expatriates and international investors are presented with an opportune moment to capitalise on the favourable conditions and secure or grow their foothold in the market.

As the year progresses, expats will want to closely monitor developments, particularly regarding potential base rate adjustments and their impact on mortgage rates. However, for now, the prevailing sentiment remains one of optimism and opportunity, signalling a vibrant and dynamic landscape for expat buyers and sellers in the UK property market.

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