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Expat Buy To Let Mortgages

Getting an expat buy to let mortgage is a lot easier than you think, but beware the pitfalls

Buy to let has long been a specialist sector within the UK mortgage market, so it is no surprise to learn that an expat buy to let mortgage is even harder to find, but they are available and providing you meet some basic underwriting criteria, they are relatively easy to set up.

Once established, an expat buy to let portfolio can be an ideal core for international pension planning, offering as it does the potential for both capital gains and income.

Property investments increasingly follow stock market investments in terms of their characteristics – those properties with a high rental yield often have a poor capital appreciation potential, whilst low yielding rentals can grow significantly in capital terms.

Location is everything, so it pays to think about where you want your expat buy to let mortgage portfolio to be based – often choosing an area where you have friends or family or one which you know well can pay dividends and if family are nearby, they can keep an eye on your asset and help out from time to time or in emergencies.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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