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Equity release, how to release capital from your house if you are an expat abroad

How do I release equity to pay for repairs to my UK expat buy to let or other UK houses I own?

Can I release equity for home improvements as an expat?

Can I release equity as a deposit on a new expat buy to let?

I am an expat, can I release equity from a UK expat buy to let to gift to family as a deposit for a house purchase?

I am an expat abroad. Can I use my UK property to raise money to buy a house to live in abroad?


If you have moved abroad to become an expat, but still own property in the UK, you may well want to release equity or cash from your house to fund other projects.

These could be as varied as paying for essential repairs to your UK house, refurbishing a UK buy to let house, using the money as a deposit to buy a new expat buy to let or gifting the money to family  as the “bank of Mum and Dad” to help family your children get onto the UK  property ladder.

In some cases we can even arrange for equity to be realised from a UK house to fund a property purchase abroad, either for you to live in or let out.

The process is no more complex than an expat remortgage. The only main difference is that you will be releasing equity, so you will be borrowing more on your expat mortgage.

This means the rental needs to be high enough to support the extra lending, but apart from that, it can be a quick and easy process.

Click here to ask us to prepare your quote, so you can see how much you can borrow.

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