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Consumer Duty statement

At, we are committed to ensuring that we:

  • Put customers at the heart of our business and focus on delivering good outcomes for you
  • Provide products and services that are designed to meet your needs and which offer you fair value
  • We will communicate and engage with customers so that you have the necessary information to be able to take effective, informed and timely decisions
  • Our fee structure is a simple one off fixed fee. You only pay if we secure your mortgage offer. Any work we do for you prior to offer is at our risk
  • We encourage vulnerable customers to ask for extra help using our Contact us link, if they require it. We will always stand ready to provide extra support, if requested.
  • We will consistently consider the needs of our customers, how they behave, and how their requirements may change at every stage of our service cycle
  • We undertake to regularly monitor and regularly review the outcomes that our customers are experiencing and take action to ensure we deliver good outcomes for you
  • We will continuously learn from our awareness of real customer situations, needs and changing circumstances

Our aim is to promote transparency, honesty, and openness in all dealings with customers.

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