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Expat Mortgages UK and Europe

Find the right expat mortgage in the UK with an online mortgage broker

We are a UK regulated international mortgage broker with over 25 years experience of arranging expat mortgages.

Our panel of specialist lenders all have a proven track record of being able to arrange international mortgage finance for both UK passport holders and other nationals.

We arrange mortgages for non-UK residents who live outside of the UK and who now want to buy or remortgage properties in England, Scotland or Wales.

Why might you want a UK expat mortgage?

As one of the leading UK Online expat mortgage brokers, we can help clients facing a range of choices such as:

• You are about to move overseas, so you want to rent your home out
• Your UK ordinary residential mortgage has reached the end of its fixed or discounted term and you now need to replace it, because you are living overseas
• When you moved abroad and became an expat, your lender gave you a “consent to let”. This has now expired, so you need to replace it with the correct expat mortgage
• You have been overseas for some time working as an expat. You may now wish to develop an expat property portfolio or raise money for refurbishments and repairs. Your current lender will not allow you to release capital from your home because you are now working abroad
• You might wish to buy a house where you are living overseas. You have equity in your UK property and want to use this to buy a family house, even though you are not living in the UK

No Offer, No Fee Mortgages for Non-UK Residents

With a “no offer, no fee” policy, so it makes sense to ask us what you can and cannot do, now you are living and working overseas. We do not charge a fee unless you ask us to work for you and we successfully secure your mortgage offer.

We can arrange your expat mortgage on most properties in the UK and Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. We work with a broad range of international UK and European mortgage lenders and offshore banks and building societies, all with a proven track record in expat mortgages to bring you the right product for your own personal circumstances, so you can be sure the organisations we help you select will understand the complexities of supporting and working with overseas clients.
We only work with lenders who have the ability to offer an expat mortgage based on the fact that you are living and working overseas, so the fact that you may have left the UK some time ago or have no current credit record here will not be a barrier.
As a specialist online UK expat mortgage broker, we take care to ensure that the lenders on our expat mortgage panel can respond to your requirements quickly and efficiently, so we can normally give an “in principle” decision on the phone, as you will be dealing directly with experienced and qualified mortgage specialists with many years of experience.

Your expat mortgage in the UK: How do I get the best expat buy to let mortgage rates?

There are several ways banks look at an expat buy-to-let mortgage application, some focus more on rental income, some focus more on salary or other income. If your expat buy-to-let has a high rental income, that helps. Alternatively, if you have at least a 25% deposit and have low levels of debt overall, that can help too. The higher the deposit you have to put towards your expat buy-to-let mortgage, the lower the rate often is.

Whether you’re looking for an overseas buy-to-let investment or a mortgage as a non-UK resident, trust the experts to help you find the right product for you. Speak to one of our leading UK expat mortgage brokers today to find the perfect deal for you.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Changes in the exchange rate may increase the sterling equivalent of your debt.

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